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Taekwondo club Mudokwan Vantaa was established in 2010. We are practising WT style taekwondo (World Taekwondo) and we are a member of the Finnish Taekwondo Federation. The club is a non-profit organization ran by volunteers. The board is chosen every second year, and every member over the age of 15 has a vote. There are approximately 50 members in the club.

The minimum age to attend classes is 10 years. Most the classes are taught directly by the Sabumnim grade teachers of the club – Mr. Lauri Vainio (4th dan) and Mr. Tatu Iivanainen (5th dan). Both teachers are instructor trainers for the Finnish Taekwondo Federation. Mr. Iivanainen is also an international referee, and in 2014, 2016, and 2018 he was refeereing in Poomsae World Championships in Mexico, Peru, and Taiwan. In the Poomsae European Championships of 2015, he was awarded with the Best Referee award.

The Korean word mudo stands for a Martial Way and kwan means a school. In Mudokwan Vantaa, the training will help the students to achieve a healthy body and a strong mind. We welcome everyone regardless of their current shape or condition. It is also possible to receive teaching in English. The club’s respectful and friendly attitude maintains a positive learning environment for everyone. During the week, there is a possibility to practice in the classes divided by the age. Poomsae, sparring and yellow-black classes are open to everyone starting from yellow belt. This way the student has a chance to meet and exercise with every fellow student of the club. The classes are mostly held at the upstairs dance studio of Rajakylän Tenniskeskus, in Rajakylä district of the city of Vantaa.

The next beginner's course begins on February 8th 2022. No fees are collected until the third week of the course. Come and try for free!

Training hall address:

Rajakylän Tenniskeskus

Latukuja 2, 01280 Vantaa, Finland

Contact information:

Mr. Tatu Iivanainen

+358 40 8313 366